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What's new - 2004

14 Dec 2004 Article base - rebuilt
30 Nov 2004 Law Reports cases (England and Wales) - updated
15 Nov 2004 Contact Day BBC TV is making a programme about how to make contact days better for families - can you help / participate ?
10 Nov 2004 Links New Canadian links added
10 Sept 2004 Article base - rebuilt
10 Sept 2004 Law Reports cases (England and Wales) - updated
6 Sept 2004 Court guide Revised data for County Court contact applications and Welfare Reports requested (England & Wales)

We find it hard to believe our eyes... Is it really true that refusals of contact applications have gone down from 2% in 1994 to 0.1% in 2003? Take a look and see what you think...

3 Sept 2004 Court totals County Court contact applications and Welfare Reports requested (England & Wales) - Annual totals
Individual court detail updates to follow...
22 July 2004 Missed opportunity UK government misses the opportunity to promote Shared Parenting - prefers to keep with outmoded 1980's concepts
12 July 2004 F4J disrupt Church Synod Fathers 4 Justice put Shared Parenting firmly on the election agenda
11 July 2004 Pete's View Threadbare Theatre Company at Edinburgh Festival (22-29 August 2004)
Should a Father have the right to see his child? Don’t miss the chance to see this amusing, poignant and highly topical piece.
10 July 2004 Email address changed due to flood of I-Worm/Netsky.Z viruses
5 June 2004 Law Reports cases (England and Wales) - updated
29 May 2004 Why dads throw flour David Aaronovitch - Columnist of the Year - Observer 23 May 2004
25 May 2004 SPIG supports Fathers 4 Justice in their actions in furtherance of the aims of shared parenting
21 May 2004 Fathers' group uses media stunts to put its message across Independent 20 May 2004
5 Apr 2004 Article base - rebuilt
3 April 2004 Judge backs angry fathers over contact with children Call for sweeping changes to family justice system after 'shameful' court failures - most UK national newspapers - 2 April 2004
4 Mar 2004 Child contact with non-resident parents Family Policy Briefing Paper - University of Oxford Department of Social Policy and Social Work - Joan Hunt & Ceridwen Roberts
24 Feb 2004 Law Reports cases (England and Wales) - updated
10 Feb 2004 The Parent Centre The Parent Centre is for all parents and carers who want to help their child or children to learn - offers support, information and advice about your child's learning and the English education system - new link
19 Jan 2004 Article base - rebuilt


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