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Carol Smart

Professor Carol Smart
Centre for Research on Family, Kinship and Childhood
Department of Sociology and Social Policy
University of Leeds

Tel: 0113-233-4431

Carol Smart is Professor of Sociology at the University of Leeds and formerly Senior Lecturer at the University of Warwick. She is currently the Director of the Centre for Research on Family Kinship and Childhood at Leeds. She has recently completed an ESRC-funded project on 'Households in Transition' and a book from the project entitled Family Fragments will be published by Polity Press in 1998. She is now working on several projects on childhood, including one on the history of child sexual abuse in the UK 1908-1960. Her most recent book is Law, Crime and Sexuality (Sage, 1995).

Carol Smart has a long-standing interest in feminist approaches to the family, marriage and divorce. She is currently (1998) developing this work through an ESRC funded project on how parents negotiate over children on divorce and this work will be extended under Nuffield Foundation funding to cover how children experience post-divorce parenthood. In addition she has received ESRC funding to research children's views on shared parenting after divorce. Her other major interests are in the fields of socio-legal studies, feminist theory and sexuality. These unite in a new Leverhulme funded fellowship in which she will be examining the history of child sexual abuse in Britain between 1920 and 1960.

Previous posts:

1983-91 (?) - lecturer in sociology at the University of Warwick where she taught courses on women's studies, feminism and law, and on sexuality.
1979-82 - SSRC research fellow at the Faculty of Law, University of Sheffield
1974-78 - lecturer in sociology at Trent Polytehchnic

She has published in the areas of criminology, family law and social policy. She has been editor of The International Journal of the Sociology of Law and was formerly director of the National Council of One Parent Families (1984?).

The Centre for Research on Family, Kinship and Childhood at Leeds was launched in 1997 with the aim of promoting interdisciplinary social scientific research in this field.


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Possibly by same author:

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