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Peter Vogel - 'Certified Male' - a journal of men's issues
Society for the Best Interests of the Child


Entraide Pères - Enfants Séparés (ENPES)
Fathers Are Capable Too - 'Supporting a child's right to both parents' - extensive PAS section
Fathers Battling Injustice
Family Law Centre (Gene Colman)
Family Law Centre (Joel Miller)
Men's Educational Support Association (MESA)
Morrie Sacks Law Corporation
Parental Alienation Information Network
Shared Parenting Forum (Ontario)

Vater fur Kinder


VeV - Promoting Responsible Fatherhood - 'Supporting an equally good relationship for children with both parents'


Campaign for Justice in Divorce (CJD)
Families Need Fathers (FNF) - advice and support for separating parents
Gingerbread - lone parent families
National Association for Child Support Action (NACSA) - (site under reconstruction)
UK Men and Father's Rights Home Page
UK Men's Movement - 'Speaking for men on men's issues'


American Coalition for Fathers and Children - 'Promoting equal rights for ALL parties affected by divorce' etc
Better Divorce - 'Humane and responsible alternatives to the bitter divorce' - a good shared parenting section
Children's Rights Council - 'The Best Parent is Both Parents'
Children's Rights Council (Maryland chapter) - a good shared parenting section
Coalition Of Parent Support
DAD of Tennessee Inc
Divorce Helpline - tools to keep you out of court - 'good divorce' model - short divorce course
Divorce Net
Divorce Support
DNA Center
Fathers Rights To Custody
Fathers World
Mining Co. - guides to marriage, family, parenting, divorce etc
National Fathers' Resource Centre
Parent Net
Parent News
Parenting Education
Second Wives - 'Equity and fairness for all families'
Seflin - South East Florida Library Information Network - a good divorce resource centre
Stay at Home Dads (primary caregivers)
United Fathers Forum
United Fathers of America
Vera's pages
Women for Fatherhood- 'Equality for All Parents and All Children'

New Zealand

Stuart Birks Gender pages

Dead links

Child Support Reform Network - was - USA
Dads Fight Back - was - USA
Dads Place - was - USA
Debt Guard - was - USA
Group d'Entraide aux Peres et de Soutien a l'Enfant (GEPSE) - was - Canada
Vater Online - was - Germany

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