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Washington State Domestic Relations Law [28-09-184]

Parenting plan - objectives

Title 28 - Domestic Relations

Article 9 - Dissolution of Marriage - Legal Separation

RCW 26.09.184

Permanent parenting plan.

(1) OBJECTIVES. The objectives of the permanent parenting plan are to:

(2) CONTENTS OF THE PERMANENT PARENTING PLAN. The permanent parenting plan shall contain provisions for resolution of future disputes between the parents, allocation of decision-making authority, and residential provisions for the child.

(3) DISPUTE RESOLUTION. A process for resolving disputes, other than court action, shall be provided unless precluded or limited by RCW 26.09.187 or 26.09.191. A dispute resolution process may include counseling, mediation, or arbitration by a specified individual or agency, or court action. In the dispute resolution process:


(5) RESIDENTIAL PROVISIONS FOR THE CHILD. The plan shall include a residential schedule which designates in which parent's home each minor child shall reside on given days of the year, including provision for holidays, birthdays of family members, vacations, and other special occasions, consistent with the criteria in RCW 26.09.187 and 26.09.191.

(6) PARENTS' OBLIGATION UNAFFECTED. If a parent fails to comply with a provision of a parenting plan or a child support order, the other parent's obligations under the parenting plan or the child support order are not affected. Failure to comply with a provision in a parenting plan or a child support order may result in a finding of contempt of court, under RCW 26.09.160.

(7) PROVISIONS TO BE SET FORTH IN PERMANENT PARENTING PLAN. The permanent parenting plan shall set forth the provisions of subsections (3)(a) through (c), (4)(b) and (c), and (6) of this section. [1991 c 367 7; 1989 c 375 9; 1987 c 460 8.]


Severability--Effective date--Captions not law--1991 c 367: See notes following RCW 26.09.015.

Custody, designation of for purposes of other statutes: RCW 26.09.285.

Failure to comply with decree or temporary injunction--Obligations not suspended: RCW 26.09.160.

Correct as at 13 January 1997
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