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Law Reports - Welfare Reports

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Child - Custody - Welfare officers' reports Cadman v Cadman (1982) 3 F.L.R. 275
Child - Custody - Welfare report Note Thompson v Thompson [1986] 1 F.L.R. 212
Children - Custody - Delay of 9 months awaiting welfare report Plant v Plant (1983) 4 F.L.R. 305
Children - Custody - Family living in former matrimonial home M v M (Welfare Reports) [1989] 2 F.L.R. 354
Children - Wardship and custody proceedings - Evidence Practice Direction Family Division: Independent Welfare Reports (1983) 4 F.L.R. 450
Conciliation - Subsequent report - Role of Court Welfare Officer. Registrar's Direction Children: Inquiry and Report by a Welfare Officer [1986] 2 F.L.R. 171
Conciliation - Welfare officer attempting conciliation - Officer involved in conciliation not subsequently to investigate and prepare welfare report Welfare officers Re H (Conciliation: Welfare Reports) [1986] 1 F.L.R. 476
Court welfare officers' reports in the Family Division - Wording to be endorsed on all reports and copies thereof Practice Direction Court Welfare Officer's Reports [1984] F.L.R. 356
Custody - Contested proceedings - Welfare officers' report recommending grant of custody to mother W v W (A Minor: Custody Appeal) [1988] 2 F.L.R. 505
Custody - Split custody order - Mother appealing against the order contending there had been material changes since the making of the order to which the judge had failed to pay proper regard Welfare report Re P (Custody of Children: Split Custody Order) [1991] 1 F.L.R. 337
Custody of child - Welfare Report - Recommendation Re T (A Minor) (Welfare Report Recommendation) (1980) 1 F.L.R. 59
Family proceedings - Parents' applications for residence orders - Conflicting welfare officers' reports M v C (Children Orders: Reasons) [1993] 2 F.L.R. 584
Practice - Custody proceedings - Welfare report H v H (Irregularity: Effect on Order) (1983) 4 F.L.R. 119
Practice Directions - Wardship - Order made giving mother leave to seek further welfare report in addition to report already made by court welfare officer Re P (A Minor) (Independent Welfare Officer) [1989] 2 F.L.R. 43
Welfare report - Access - Grandparents' application for access to grandchild Re CB (Access: Attendance of Court Welfare Officer) [1995] 1 F.L.R. 622
Welfare report - Application for residence order - Parties agreeing court welfare officer should attend final hearing Re C (Section 8 Order: Court Welfare Officer) [1995] 1 F.L.R. 617
Welfare report - Contents - Inadmissible evidence Webb v Webb [1986] 1 F.L.R. 462
Welfare reports - Injunction restraining the calling in evidence, at the trial of an action relating to land, a court welfare officer and restraining reference to the contents of a welfare report made by the officer for proceedings before another court - Appeal B v M (Disclosure of Welfare Reports) [1990] 2 F.L.R. 46
Welfare reports - Irregularity of practice - Father and mother making cross-applications for residence and contact Re G (Minors) (Welfare Report: Disclosure) [1993] 2 F.L.R. 293
Welfare reports - Wardship and property proceedings between mother and father - Mother's solicitors fixing date for hearing Re H (Minors) (Welfare Reports) [1990] 2 F.L.R. 172
Welfare reports - Whether judge right to order welfare officer's report following social worker's report already before court Re W (Welfare Reports) [1995] 2 F.L.R. 142

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