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Family and Conciliation Courts Review

Index to volume 38 (2000)

38 (1) - January 2000
Special issue: Mediation 2000 - training mediators for the 21st century

Editorial Notes: ANDREW SCHEPARD p 3

The Second Annual Meyer Elkin Address: The changing family for the new millennium; GEORGE THOMPSON p 10

Introduction: Mediation 2000: Training Mediators for the 21st Century; FORREST S. MOSTEN p 17

Training Mediators to Listen. Deconstructing Dialogue and Constructing Understanding, Agendas and Agreements; LELA P. LOVE p 27

Understanding Conflict and Human Capacity: The Role of Premises in Mediation Training; SALLY GANONG POPE and ROBERT A. BARUCH BUSH p 41

To Evaluate or Not. That Is Not the Question!; L RANDOLF LOWRY p 48

A Focus on Emotion in Mediation Training; MARY ELIZABETH LUND p 62

Mediating With High-Conflict Couples; LISA PARKINSON p 69

Trainer Accountability; JOSEPH B STULBERG p 77

Reinventing the Pyramid. A Process for Teaching and Learning in Mediation Courses; JOHN WADE p 87

Model Standards of Practice for Divorce and Family Mediators

Preface to the Draft Model Standards; ANDREW SCHEPARD p 106

Model Standards of Practice p 110


Supervised Visitation. The Families and Their Experiences; JESSICA PEARSON p 123

The Bookshelf

The Custody Wars, by Mary Ann Mason; THOMAS BISHOP p 143

38 (2) - April 2000

Editorial Notes: ANDREW SCHEPARD, p 155

Strategies and Need for Systems Change: Improving Court Practice for the Millennium; HON. JUDITH S. KAYE, p 159


From Infants to Adolescents: A Developmental Approach to Parenting Plans; RISA J. GARON, DANIELLE. SABA DONNER, and KRISTIN PEACOCK, p 168

A Forensic Psychology Model of Risk Assessment for Child Custody Relocation Law; WILLIAM G. AUSTIN, p 192

National Attitudes Regarding Gender Bias in Child Custody Cases; DOUGLAS DOTTERWEICH and MICHAEL MCKINNEY, p 208


Samson and Delilah in Divorce Mediation; LENARD MARLOW, p 224

Student Notes

Winning Essay - 1999 Law Student Essay Contest:
Parents in Distress: A State's Duty to Provide Services to Mentally Ill Parents; KRISTA A. GALLAGER, p 234

Preventing Judicially Mandated Orphans; THERESA D. LEGERE, p 260

The Bookshelf

How Are Courts Coordinating Family Cases? - by C. Flaneo V Flango and H. Rubin; DONELDON M. DENNIS, p 282

38 (3) - July 2000
Special Issue - Child Custody Evaluations

Editorial Notes: ANDREW SCHEPARD, p 291

Guest Editors' Introduction: PHILIP M. STAHL and GREGORY FIRESTONE, p 292


Using Child Development Research to Make Appropriate Custody and Access Decisions for Young Children; JOAN B. KELLY and MICHAEL E. LAMB, p 297

The Use of Psychological Testing in Child Custody Evaluations; RANDY K. OTTO, JOHN F. EDENS, and ELIZABETH H. BARCUS, p 312

Reconciling Parents' and Children's Interests in Relocation: In Whose Best Interest?; HON. ARLINE S. ROTMAN, ROBERT TOMPKINS, LITA LINZER SCHWARTZ, and M. DEE SAMUELS, p 341

Child Protection Evaluations: The Forensic Stepchild; KATHRYN KUEHNLE, MARTHA COULTER, and GREGORY FIRESTONE, p 368

The Art and Science of Child Custody Evaluations: Integrating Clinical and Forensic Mental Health Models; JONATHAN W. GOULD and PHILIP M. STAHL, p 392

38 (4) - October 2000

Editorial Notes: ANDREW SCHEPARD, p 419


Blanket Restrictions: Overnight Contact Between Parents and Young Children; RICHARD A. WARSHAK, p 422

Young Adults Perspectives on Divorce: Living Arrangements; WILLIAM V. FABRICIUS and JEFF A. HALL, p 446

Assessing Credibility in Allegations of Marital Violence in the High-Conflict Child Custody Case; WILLIAM G. AUSTIN, p 462

Divorcing Families With Young Children in the Court's Family Services Unit: Profiles and Impact of Services; MARSHA KLINE PRUETT, BARBARA NANGLE, and CHELSEA BAILEY, p 478

The Divorce Education Intervention Model; KAREN R. BLAISURE and MARGIE J. GEASLER, p 501

Program Profile

A Community-Based Parent Education Program for Separating Parents; RONALD W. HEILMANN, p 514

Index. p525

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