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Family and Conciliation Courts Review

Index to volume 37 (1999)

37 (1) - January 1999

Editorial Notes, ANDREW SCHEPARD p3

The Inaugural Meyer Elkin Address:

A Family Commitment to Families and Children; JONAH EDELMAN, PETER EDELMAN, and MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN p 8


Parent Education's Second Generation: Integrating Violence Sensitivity; GERI S. W. FUHRMANN, JOSEPH MCGILL, and MARY E. O'CONNELL p 24

1998 Nationwide Survey of Court-Connected Divorce Education Programs; MARGE J. GEASLER and KAREN R. BLAISURE p 36

Scientifically Crafted Child Custody Evaluations. Part One: A Model for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Development of Psycholegal Questions Guiding Court-Ordered Child Custody Evaluations; JONATHAN W. GOULD p64

Program Profile

Parents Beyond Conflict: A Cognitive Restructuring Model for High-Conflict Families in Divorce; HUGH MCISAAC and CHARLOTTE ANN p 74

Student Notes

Winning Essay: 1998 Law School Essay Contest: When Children Refuse to Visit Parents: Is Prison an Appropriate Remedy?; KATHLEEN MURRAY p83

Intrafamilial Communications: An Analysis of the Parent-Child Privilege; KIMBERLY L. SCHILLING p 99

37 (2) - April 1999

Editorial Notes; ANDREW SCHEPARD p 131


Traumatized Children in Supervised Visitaffon: What Do They Need ?; JANET R. JOHNSTON and ROBERT B. STRAUS p 135

Scientifically Crafted Child Custody Evaluations. Part Two: A Paradigm for Forensic Evaluation of Child Custody Determination; JONATHAN W. GOULD p 159

Recommendations of the Committee to Study Family Issues in the Arizona Superior Court:

A Family Court System; HON. WILLIAM J. O'NEIL and HON. BARRY C. SCHNEIDER p 179


Parent Educaffon in the Domestic Relations Court: A Multisite Assessment;


1998 Nationwide Survey of the Legal Status of Parent Education; DEBRA A. CLEMENT p 219

Program Profile

Children in Changing Families: Results of a Pilot Study of a Program for Children of Separation and Divorce; ROBERT L. FISCHER p 240

International Corner

Family Mediation in Europe: Recommendation No. R (98)1 - COMMITTEE OF MINISTERS TO MEMBER STATES ON FAMILY MEDIATION p 257

The Bookshelf

The Family Puzzle - Putting the Pieces Together - by Nancy S. and William D. Palmer with Kay Marshall Strom; CAROLYN R. WAH p 263

37 (3) - July 1999

Special Issue: Domestic Violence

Editorial Notes; ANDREW SCHEPARD p 267

A Note From the Guest Editor; MARY E. O'CONNELL p 269


When Paradigms Collide: Protecting Battered Parents and Their Children in the Family Court System; CLARE DALTON p273

Emotional Distress in Children of High-Conflict Divorce: The Impact of Marital Conflict and Violence; CATHERINE C. AYOUB, ROBIN M. DEUTSCH, and ANDRONICKI MARAGANORE p 297

Visitation and Domestic Violence: A Clinical Model of Family Assessment and Access Planning; JOSEPH C. MCGILL, ROBIN M. DEUTSCH, and ROBERT A. ZIBBELL p 315

Mandatory Mediation of Custody in the Face of Domestic Violence: Suggestions for Courts and Mediators; JENNIFER P. MAXWELL p 335

Teen Dating Violence: The Hidden Epidemic; CAROLE A. SOUSA p 356

The Violence Against Women Act: Meeting Its Goals in Protecting Battered Immigrant Women ?; MAURICE GOLDMAN p 375

Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Children after Divorce: The American Law Institute's Model; KATHERINE M. REIHING p 393

The Bookshelf

I Love You More Than .... by Elizabeth Mickey; WILLIAM HOWE III and MARK W. HOWE p 411

37 (4) October 1999

Editorial Notes; ANDREW SCHEPARD p 419


Response to Clare Dalton's "When Paradigms Collide: Protecting Battered Parents and Their Children in the Family Court System"; JANET R. JOHNSTON p 422

Mediation and the Process of Family Law Reform; FORREST S. MOSTEN p 429

Family Courts: Assessing the Trade-Offs; JAY FOLBERG p448

Developing a Unified Family Court in Ontario; JUSTICE DAVID M. STEINBERG p 454

Supervised Visitation: A Profile of Providers; NANCY THOENNES and JESSICA PEARSON p 460

Supervised Access: A Long-Term Solution?; MARTHA BAILEY p 478

Mediation and Parental Alienation Syndrome: Considerations for an Intervention Model; ANITA VESTAL p 487

Brief Intervention Model for Access-Based Postseparation Disputes: Family and Court Outcomes; RACHEL BIRNBAUM and HELEN RADOVANOVIC p 504

The Bookshelf

Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths, by Sanford L Braver, with Edith Diane O'Connel; M. DEE SAMUELS p 514

Legal and Mental Health Perspectives on Child Custody Law: A Deskbook for Judges, by West Croup; HON. DOUGLAS MCNISH p 517

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