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Family and Conciliation Courts Review

Index to volume 36 (1998)

36 (1) - January 1998

Call for Papers, p 5



Effects of Skill-Based Versus Information-Based Divorce Education Programs on Domestic Violence and Parental Communication; KEVIN M. KRAMER, JACK ARBUTHNOT, DONALD A. GORDON, NICHOLAS J. ROUSIS, and JOANN HOZA, p 9

Many Years After the Parental Abduction: Some Consequences of Relevance to the Court System; GEOFFREY L. GREIF, p 32

Postdecree Litigation: is Joint Custody to Blame? IRENE M. COHEN, p 41

Social Security Retirement Benefits: The Last Insult of a Sexist Society ;STEVEN L. ABEL, p 54

Cowinning Essay: 1997 Law School Essay Contest

Lawyer's Duty to Discuss Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Best Interest of the Children; NICOLE PEDONE, p 65

The Bookshelf

The Moral Intelligence of Children, by Robert Coles; HUGH MCISAAC, p 90

Family Mediation Handbook 2nd ed, by Barbara Landau, Mario Bartoletti and Ruth Mesbur, p 92

The Complete Guide to Mediation: The Cutting-Edge Approach to Family Law Practice, by Forrest S. Mosten; JOSHUA KADISH, p 92

Fighting for Your Marriage: Positive Steps for Preventing Divorce and Preserving a Lasting Love, by Howard Markman, Scott Stanley, and Susan L Blumberg; E SAMUEL GLEASON, p 95


Standards and Guidelines for Supervised Visitation Network Practice: Introductory Discussion;


Standards and Guidelines for Supervised Visitation Network Practice, p 108

36 (2) - April 1998

Editorial Notes, ANDREW SCHEPARD, p 141

Leading Article

New York State Unified Court System: Family Justice Program; HON. JUDITH S. KAYE and HON. JONATHAN LIPPMAN, p 144

Special Focus on Mediation Development

A Model for Telephone Mediation; LAURIE S. COLTRI and E. JOAN HUNT, p 179

Practice Issues, Strategies, and Models: The Current State of the Art of Family Mediation; EDWARD KRUK, p 195

Attorneys' Opinions Regarding Child Custody Mediation and Assessment Services: The Influence of Gender, Years of Experience, and Mediation Practice; CATHERINE M. LEE, CHRISTINE P. M. BEAUREGARD, and JOHN HUNSLEY, p 216

Client and Counsellor Perceptions of the Process and Outcomes of Family Court Counselling in Cases Involving Domestic Violence; BARBARA DAVIES and STEPHEN RALPH, p 227

Family Modes: A Measure of Family Interaction and Organization; RICHARD D. MATHIS and LYNELLE C. YINGLING, p 246

Student Notes

Cowinning Essay: 1997 Law School Essay Contest Conflicting Roles in Child Custody Mediation: Impartiality/Neutrality and the Best Interests of the Child; KIMBERLY A. SMORON, p 258

Educando a la Familia Latina: Ideas for Making Parent Education Programs Accessible to the Latino Commullity; GRETCHEN ZEGARRA, p 281

A Compelling Need for Mandated Use of Supervised Visitation Programs; DEBRA A. CLEMENT, p 294

The Bookshelf

In the Name of the Child: A Development Approach to Understanding and Helping Children of Conflicted and Violent Divorce, by Janet Johnston and Vivienne Roseby

Mom 's House, Dad 's House: A Complete Guide for Parents Who Are Separated, Divorced or Remarried (2nd ed ), by Isolina Ricci; HUGH MCISAAC, p 317

36 (3) - July 1998

Editorial Notes, Andrew Schepard, p 325


Opening remarks to the opening session of the Second World Congress on Family Law and the Rights of Children; Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson, p 327

International perspectives on children

Children of War; Jose Ramos-Horta, p 333

The care and protection of children and youth: a public or a private responsibility?; Rev Canon George Nairn-Briggs, p 345

The effects of poverty on children, youth, and families; Kerstin Trone, p 355

Children in a violent world: a metaphysical perspective; James Garbarino, p 360

Courts, law and families

The long-term impact of divorce on children: a first report from a 25 year study; Judith Wallerstein and Julia Lewis, p 368

A response to remarks by Dr Judith Wallerstein on the long-term impact of divorce on children; The Hon Claire L'Heureux-Dube, p 384

Early identification of parents at risk for custody violations and prevention of child abductions; Janet R Johnston and Linda K Girdner, p 392

Growing up in Modern Society: testimonies from children

Children helping children around the world; Craig Kielburger, p 410

Issues affecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgeneder, and questioning youth; Gina de Vries, p 417

36 (4) - October 1998

Editorial Notes, Andrew Schepard, p 427


Problems and solutions in the management of child abuse allegations in custody and access disputes in the family court; Thea Brown, Margarita Frederico, Lesley Hewitt and Rosemary Sheehan; p 431

Stepparents: the forgotten family members; Emily B Visher and John S Visher; p 444

Long-term follow-up of a court-based intervention for divorcing parents; Laurie Kramer and Amanda Kowal; p 452

Interviewing children in custody evaluations; Daniel J Hynan; p 466

Custody of children age 5 and younger; Mary F Whiteside; p 479

Program profile

Divorce education for parents and children in Jackson County, Missouri; Joe Edgar Glenn; p 503

The bookshelf

Helping your kids cope with divorce the sandcastles way, by M Gary Neuman with Patricia Romanowski; Paul J Meller and Felicia Russin; p 511

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