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Family and Conciliation Courts Review

Index to volume 35 (1997)

35 (1) Jan 1997 p 1-128
35 (2) Apr 1997 p 129-248
35 (3) Jul 1997 p 249-368
35 (4) Oct 1997 p 369-520


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The Bookshelf

"Contemporary Grandparenting, by Authur Kornhaber," Keating, 241.

"The Divorce Culture, by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead," Kelly, 366.

"How to Write Successful Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, by Landis Olesker," LaMar, 240.

"Parenting Our Children: in the Best Interest of the Nation. A Report to the President and Congress, by the U.S. Commission on Child and Family Welfare," Howe, 239.

Guest Editorial

"Child Protection Mediation: Where we Started," Thoennes, 136.

In Memory

"Remembrance of a Son," Vasquez, 245.

Winning Essays

"Coparenting Arrangements in a Jurisdiction With Statutory Guidelines," Hirczy de Mino, 443.

"Eight Keys to Passing Parent Education Legislation," Lee, 470. "Family Mediation and Never-Married Parents," Raisner, 90.

"Mediation in Child Protection and the Nova Scotia Experience," Carruthers, 102.

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