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Family and Conciliation Courts Review

Index to volume 34 (1996)

34 (1) Jan 1996 p 1-184
34 (2) Apr 1996 p 185-336
34 (3) Jul 1996 p 337-432
34 (4) Oct 1996 p 433-512


"Bringing PEACE to the Latino Community: Implementing a Parent Education Program," Schwartz, 93.

"Children's Alignment With Parents in Highly Conflicted Custody Cases," Lampel, 229.

"Children's Lawyers in California Family Law Courts: Balancing Competing Policies and Values Regarding Questions of Ethics," Shear, 256.

"The Content of Divorce Education Programs: Results of a Survey," Braver et al., 41.

"A Decade of Divorce Mediation Research: Some Answers and Questions," Kelly, 373.

"Does Mandatory Divorce Education for Parents Work? A Six-Month Outcome Evaluation," Arbuthnot and Gordon, 60.

"Editorial Notes," McIsaac, 7, 191, 340, 437

"Gender Bias in Child Custody Decisions," Warshak, 396.

"Gender Issues in Family Law: Leveling the Playing Field for Women," Mahoney, 198.

"Guest Editorial," Shear, 194.

"Independent Legal Representation for Children in Custody and Access Cases: A Case Commentary of Stobridge," Leeco, 303.

"Judicially Hosted Settlement Conferences in Domestic Relations Cases," LaMar, 219.

"Language and Culture in Child Law: Experience of the Children Act in England and Wales," Fricker, 342.

"Language and Family: The Poverty of English," Kydd, 351.

"Legal Implementation of Parent Education Programs for Divorcing and Separating Parents," Biondi, 82.

"Life Stories, Doctrines and Decision Making: Three High Courts Confront the Move-away Dilemma," Shear, 439.

"Noncustodial Fathers Speak About Their Parental Role," Dudley, 410.

"Notes for My Mediation," Anonymous, 169.

"Parent Education as a Distinct Field of Practice: The Agenda for the Future," Salem et al., 9.

"Pretrial Interviewing: The Search for the Truth in Alleged Child Sexual Abuse Cases," Woodbury, 140.

"Proposal for a Pilot Education Program for Divorcing and Separating Parents," Slezak and Swift, 130.

"A Response: Gender, Voice, and the Legal Process of Divorce," Snow, 252.

"Results of a Survey of Court-Connected Parent Education Programs in U.S. Counties," Blaisure and Geasler, 23.

"Second Opinions: An Ethical and Professional Process for Reviewing Child Custody Evaluations," Stahl, 386.

"Some Programs for Children," Di Bias, 112,

"Voice Alterations: Why Women Have More Difficulty Than Men With the Legal Process of Divorce," Gray and Merrick, 240.

"The World Congress on Family Law and the Rights of Children and Youth," Nygh, 189,

Family Law Opinions

"In re Marriage of Candiotti," 320.

"Tropea - Browner - New York Supreme Court," 459.

"Goertz v Gordon - Canadian Supreme Court," 468.

"Burgess - California Supreme Court," 492.

The bookshelf

"Beyond Blame: A New Way of Resolving Conflicts in Relationships by Jeffrey A. Kottler," Gleason, 428.

"Child Abuse and the Legal System by Inger J. Sagutun and Leonard P. Edwards," Wedin, 172.

"The Child Sexual Abuse Custody Dispute Annotated bibliography by Wendy Deaton, Suzanne Long, Holly A. Magana, and Julie Robbins," Gleason, 427.

"Family Mediation: Contemporary leagues by Howard Irving and Michael Benjamin," McIsaac, 170.

"Healing Wounded Hearts, a video by Elizabeth Hickey," Stahl, 430.

"Jeopardy in the Courtroom: A Scientific Analysis of Children's Testimony by Stephen Ceci and Maggie Brock," Lynn-Hill, 429.

"The Politics of Meaning: Restoring Hope and Possibility in an Age of Cynicisms by Michael Lerner," Dennis, 507.

"Putting Kids First by Michael L. Oddenino," Ferrick, 171.

"Renegotiating Family Relationships: Divorce, Child Custody and Mediation by Robert E. Emery." Keating, 173.

"Women and Divorce/Men and Divorce: Gender Differences in Separation Divorce and Remarriage edited by Sandra S. Volgy," Gleason, 174.

"Women Men and Marriage: Talks From the Tavistock Marital Studies Institute edited by Christopher Clulow," Mclsaac, 170.

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