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Australian Journal of Family Law - 1999

13 (1) - March 1999

Developments and Events

Child Protection Law Reforms Patrick Parkinson 1


Family Violence Peter Nygh 10
Legal Aid Changes John Dewar, Jeff Giddings and Stephen Parker 33
Diminishing Significance of Initial Contributions Patrick Parkinson 52

Book Reviews

The Parental Obligation: A Study of Parenthood across Households by M Maclean and J Eekelaar John Dewar 83
Child Support in Action by G Davis, N Wikeley and R Young with J Barron and J Bedward John Dewar 87

13 (2) - September 1999

Developments and Events

Reform of Matrimonial Property Law Peter Nygh 89
Property (Relationships) Legislation Amendment Act 1999 Jenni Millbank 93
Family Law Reform Act 1995 95


The Impact of the New Part VII John Dewar, Stephen Parker 96
Reforming the Law of Family Property Patrck Parkinson 117
Cruelty against Concubines Sarah Middleton 140

Case Notes

Northern Territory of Australia v GPAO Peter Nygh 170
CDJ v VAJ Peter Nygh 173

Book Review

De Facto Property Proceedings in Australia by D Kovacs Margaret Otlowski 177

13 (3) September 1999

Developments and Events

Recent Legislative Developments in Family Law Stephen Bourke 183
De Facto Relationships Bill 1999 (Tas) Sarah Middleton 194


Children's Participation in Family Court Litigation Richard Chisholm 197
Yunghanns v Yunghanns Dorothy Kovacs 219
The Politics of the Primary Caregiver Presumption Susan R Boyd, Helen Rhoades, Kate Burns 233

Case notes

AIF v AMS Lisa Young 264
Bracklow v Bracklow Kristen Abery 271

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