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Australian Journal of Family Law - 1998

12 (1) - March 1998

Developments and Events

Publicity and the Family Court The Hon Dr Peter Nygh 1


The Role of Maintenance and Property Orders Rebecca Bailey-Harris 3
Fathers' Rights Groups in Australia Miranda Kaye and Julia Tolmie 19
B and B and the Family Law Reform Act Rae Kaspiew 69

Book Reviews

Divorce Lawyers and Their Clients by Austin Sarat and William L F Felstiner The Hon Dr Peter Nygh 84
Gleichheit Im Familienrecht Edited by Professor Dr Bea Verschraegen The Hon Dr Peter Nygh 87
Family Law in Australia, 5th ed by H Finlay, R J Bailey-Harris and M Otlowski John Dewar 90


Issues Paper 22, Rethinking Family Law Proceedings by The Australian Law Reform Commission Professor Stephen Parker 92

12 (2) July 1998

Developments and Events

Gould v Brown The Hon Dr Peter Nygh 95


Lesbian and Gay Families Jenni Millbank 99
The Best Interest of the Aboriginal Child Stephen Ralph 140
Parental Liability in Negligence Stanley Yeo 150
Litigants in Person Rosemary Hunter 171
Property Law Act 1958 (Vic) Pt iX Adiva Sifris 179

Book Review

If Divorce is the Only Way: an emotional and practical guide to the essential do's and don'ts of divorce and marital breakdown - by John D Beiber The Hon. Justice Richard Chisholm 204

12 (3) December 1998

Developments and Events

Parental Child Abduction The Hon Dr Peter Nygh 207
Superannuation and Family Law The Hon Dr Peter Nygh 210
Australia Joins Hague Another convention The Hon Dr Peter Nygh 212


Splitting the Difference Kristie Dunn 214
Pre-Trial Legal Negotiations Rachel Field 240
Forever bargaining in the Shadow of the Law John Wade 256

Case Note

Re Evelyn Anita Stuhmcke 297


Child Contact Orders Julia Tolmie 305

Book Review

You Have Only One Mother by Gariel McGuire The Hon. Justice Richard Chisholm 314

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