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Australian Journal of Family Law - 1996

10 (1) - March 1996

Developments and Events

Family Law Reform Bill (No 2) Patrick Parkinson 1


The New Part VII - an Overview The Honourable Peter Nygh 4
The Family Law Reform Act 1995 (Cth) and the Children Act 1989 (UK) Compared - Twins or Distant Cousins John Dewar 18
Ending The Silence, But ... Family Violence under the Family Law Reform Act Juliet Behrens 35
The Family Law Reform Act - a Practitioner's Perspective Dr Richard Ingleby 48
The Words to Say It - Clients' Own Experiences of Family Mediation L Moloney, T Love, T Fisher and S Ferguson 53

10(2) - August 1996

Developments and Events

Harrington v Lowe: The High Court Strikes Down Order 24 r 1(8) and (9) The Hon Dr Peter Nygh 65
Sterilisation and the Family Court: The Need for Guidelines The Hon Dr Peter Nygh 68


Frustrating Sperm: Regulation of AID in Victoria under the Infertility Treatment Act 1995 (Vic) Gabrielle Wolf 71
Cilento and Cilento Revisited - in the Best Interests of the Child? Paul A Doolan 86
An Implied Promise to Parent: Lesbian Families, Litigation and W v G (1996) 20 Fam LR 49 Jenni Millbank 112
Third Party Creditors and the Non-Debtor Spouse: New Developments Kerry Wells 127
Stages of Separation Dr Mary Power 143
Voth in the Family Court Re-visited: The High Court Pronounces Forum Conveniens The Hon Dr Peter Nygh 163

Book Reviews

Women, Male Violence and the Law Juliet Behrens 171
Transsexualism in a Modern State: Options for Reform Professor Stephen Parker 173

10(3) - December 1996

Developments and Events

The Family Law Act 1966 (UK) John Dewar 175


Assessing the Impact of the Family Law Reform Act 1995 Richard Chisholm 177
Separate Lives but Joint Debts Jacqueline Campbell 198
Valuation of Businesses in Proceedings under Section 79 of the Family Law Darryn Jensen 224
The Sterilisation of Young Women with an Intellectual Disability: A Comparison between the Family Court of Australia and The Guardianship Board of New South Wales Jennifer Ford 236


Re H and Others (minors) (sexual abuse: standard of proof) [1996] 1 All ER 1 Joanne Roebuck 263

Book Review

The Neutered Mother, the Sexual Family and Other Twentieth Century Tragedies Juliet Behrens 272

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