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Australian Journal of Family Law - 1995

9 (1) - January 1995


Foreword The Hon Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson AO RFD 1

Developments and Events

Recent Decisions on the Hague Abduction Convention 5
Domestic relationships legislation in the ACT 10
Family Law Council - Violence and the Family Law Act 11


Domestic Violence and Parent-Child Relationships in Families Disputing Custody Janet Johnston 12
"Domestic Violence and the Judicial Process" A review of the past 18 years - Should it change direction? The Honourable Justice K A Murray 26
Custody, Access and Domestic Violence Patrick Parkinson 41
The Relevance of Violence in Family Law Decision Making Regina Grayvar 58
Violence in the Home and Family Law: An Update Dr Juliet Behrens 70
A Follow up study of children from domestic violence Peter Mertin 76

Book Review

Family Law and Society Anthony Dickey 87

9 (2) - August 1995

Developments and Events

The High Court's Decision in Teoh 89
Reviewing Ihe Method of Review Grant T Reithmuller 95
The Status of Frozen Embryos Leanne Bunney 121
The Operation of Section 85A of the Family Law Act in Relation to Discretionary Trusts John V Kaufman QC 140
The Superannuation Problem - An Altemative Approach Darryn Jensen 157


A Season of Family Law Reforms in the United Kingdom Rebecca Bailey-Harris 166
When is A Girl A Boy? Re A (a child) Jenni Millbank 173

9 (3) - December 1995

Developments and Events

The Family Law Reforrn Bills 183
Costs Agreements - Reasonableness 187


The Position of Third Parties in Property Proceedings Anthony Dickey QC 190
Surrogacy Arrangements in Australia: Analysis of the Legal Framework Penne Watson Lang 200
Family Lawyers as Mediators Tom Altobelli 222
Intellectual Disability and Sterilisation - An Inevitable Connection? Helen Rhoades 234

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