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"Congratulations on your outstanding web site..."

"I just felt a massive weight lifted from my chest reading this website! ...

I recently separated amicably from my wife and we have a daughter.
I was devastated and still struggle when I don't see her.

At the time I begged my wife to ensure that I could still have her on a regular basis (as putting to bed was one of the highlights of my day).

I was struggling with this concept of joint custody and feared what psychological and sociological effects this could have had on my daughter.

Reading this website and the references you have supporting this notion of shared parenting put the biggest smile on my face!!  ...

I thought I was one of the only blokes out there who in this situation as well.

I didn't know any other single parent bloke who wasn't either the sole parent or the "absent" father.

I've always had an interest in this area since my sociology degree and surprisingly hadn't come across this concept of family before.

Again, I feel so relieved and happy!!...

I will end by just saying that it is down to people like Arthur Baker and David Cannon that men and women in this situation can have happiness and freedom from worry during very stressful times"

"I have just finished browsing your most excellent site. It is one of the best I've seen in my 18 months on the net, in terms of really helpful content...."

"Hello, I just visited your web site and was delighted by what I saw..."

"I must congratulate you on your efforts regarding shared parenting -- it's time has come. Our society has suffered severely as a result of the destruction of the family in domestic cases. Consciousness must be raised stressing the importance of both parents raising a child."

"A most interesting site. I have found what I believe to be some valuable information and I have passed it on to my soon to be ex-wife. My only hope is that she will see the same good sense in shared parenting as I have. Thank you very much."

"This could be a valuable resource. Thank you."

"Hi, just visited your site and much congratulations are in order. I was particularly pleased with the 'FAQ on Joint Custody' and the 'Shared Parenting - overcoming the arguments' page. These documents are most informative and necessary in the struggle to awaken the general public (and judges) on divorce issues and more importantly, to the childrens needs."

"Glad to hear there is recognition of the importance of responsible co-parenting post divorce.Can I donate ??"

"Thank you very much for the info at your web site.... I would like to co-parent my daughter every other week or fortnight and will read your information with great interest as I seek to "win" over my wife... "

"Great web site - it's on my Bookmarks now! I completely agree that this is the right way to spend one's energies...."

"Thanks, you have a great web page!"

"Excellent site! Where have you been hiding? Your site is first rate."

"I've gotten some things from your home page (GREAT PAGE, by the way) and would love to find out more. My spirits were lifted when I found that there are fathers out there that care... "

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"Your great site has been chosen as one of the 'Best Sites for Dads' ... "

"Congratulations on your excellent site."

"I found your site very helpful and I shall be sharing the information with my soon to be ex-wife. Hopefully it will help ease the pain and difficulties of the coming months."

"I found the site very easy to use and fast. Please keep up the good work."

"Brilliant site - I'll be back!"

"What a great site!"

"I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of info at your site and the great number of topics presented."

"I especially appreciated your desire that: "mothers and fathers...retain a strong positive parenting role in their children's lives"."

"Thank you for your fantastic site."

"I have found this site to be one of the best I've encountered. Thanks for being there during a very confusing time."

"Fantastic site! more info than you can poke a stick at. Well done SPIG."

"Hi, I have found your site really interesting."

"I was really interested in the shared parenting contracts."

"Just found your site. Terrific boost to my morale..."

"This is a great site THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I took great interest in the SPIG site, will be sharing it widely..."

"Amazing that I got from 'across the pond' more useful information, in one place, about the lay of the land re: shared parenting here in the U.S. than I have found stateside."

"This is a wonderfully informative site about the concept and application of Shared Parenting."

"This is a terrific, information rich site."

"This information may just save my son from some severe emotional problems."

"Thanks for your wealth of information."

"How very useful your site has been for me these past several hours as I went through it all ..." (a lawyer)

"We consider your site as one of the top divorce related support sites on the internet."

"Your web-site really has made a difference to me personally."

"It's a tremendous relief to find such a well informed site and that I'm not the only Father in this position !"

"It seems to me that only through the endeavours of people such as you can legislation be enacted to more fairly represent the real needs of modern day Fathers".

"Congratulations on an informative and balanced presentation of issues."

"The information on your Website has been heartwarming and has strengthened my resolve."

"Great site! It's great to have access to all this stuff at the time when I most need it."

"The SPIG site is the best public resource"

"Your web-site is very impressive"

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"I am writing with thunderous applause for the incredible work ..."

"A million T H A N K S for all your efforts putting this info together"

"Keep up the site, keep up the good work, finding your site has helped reaffirm my belief that I am doing the right thing"

"I'm facing a hostile ex-spouse, an adversarial legal system that puts me in the defensive, and sadly, a pessimistic defense team. Your site has proven to me that my request isn't far-fetched, isn't unreasonable, and is worth fighting for"

"I've found your site very useful. Thanks... The court snippets you have provided are very interesting."

"Just a note of admiration to say what an excellent , useful and non-partisan site you have built."

"What a wonderful info-rich, clutter-free site. Someone has put an awful lot of work into it! A million thanks. All lawyers should recommend this site ..."

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"I am very grateful that I've found this site. It has given me renewed hope ... It is nice to see that even in all of the turmoil of disaster, there SPIG was. Thank you for caring."

"Thank God for your efforts. I have found the information contained in your site both a practical help, and a great source of reassurance."

"A good website - and much needed!"

"Your comparison of courts has been very useful in noting that this area is near the top for refusal of applications!"

"Excellent website - it's wonderful!"

"The calendar is a must print (what a good idea - all on one page) and the calculations of weekends/times etc is so handy."

"Thanks to your site, I was able to make a compelling case for shared custody... As a result, I managed to get an extremely favorable decision.... I now am assured of shared physical and legal custody of our children. I could not have done it without your site."

"Thanks for a really informative site - and for making my husband realise that he's not the only man out there who wants to be involved with his children, despite what his ex-wife says!"

"I have just been reading all info on single parenting through the net and got thoroughly depressed until I found your site which I have found very constructive...THANK YOU"

"I found your web site very useful as my wife and I have sought to make sense of what is happening and try to rationalise it."

"Thanks for a wonderful website that has been very useful in helping with information and references. The web finally makes the law accessible to the rest of us!"

"I have recently obtained a shared residence order in a contested case and I have found your WWW pages very useful. "

"Going through the tough process of contact and parental responsibility through the courts, found a lot of information here very useful. Thanks"

"Thankyou so much for this wealth of information, we are right at the beginning of the separation process and although we agreed about shared parenting we had no idea where to turn or how to start as everyone talks of 'custody' and 'visitation'. I am sure this will aid the process for us and therefore make it easier on our daughter."

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