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Child Support

Child support is an important part of responsible shared parenting. Various governments have tried to legislate for it, but few can have got in such a mess as in the UK where it is alleged that the Child Support Agency (CSA) cost more to set up and run than it brought in by way of maintenance. It has also has an enormous cost in human life - see NACSA's Book of the Dead - link now broken - if you need CSA advice contact NACSA.

UK Government - new proposals

In July 1998 the UK government issued a consultation paper 'Children First: a new approach to child support'. (closing date for comments 30 November 1998)

Take a look at:

Fallacies in formulae

We have received a fascinating analysis of the fallacies inherent in using formulae to calculate child support . This is a convincing argument that generalised country-wide statistics are not actually applicable to post-divorce families (because no such families are included) and are not representative of family expenditure in your state / county / town / neighbourhood. Although based on the 'Income Shares' model of child support used in USA, this is essential reading wherever you are. Thanks to James R Johnston of Kansas.

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